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I spearheaded the development of an educational technology (edu tech) platform aimed at revolutionizing University project writing. The project’s objective was to create a comprehensive and interactive digital project handling and execution environment to enhance student engagement and educational outcomes.

Role and Responsibilities:

As the project lead, I oversaw the entire development process, from conceptualization to deployment. I designed using latest technologies and systems. Also, I collaborated with instructional designers, developers, and content creators to ensure seamless integration of educational content and user-friendly functionality. I also conducted user testing and gathered feedback to refine the platform’s features.

Skills and Expertise:

Throughout the project, I utilized my expertise in project management, user experience design, and educational technology. I employed agile methodologies to streamline development processes and foster effective collaboration among team members. My proficiency in front-end development, database management, and cloud technologies facilitated the creation of a scalable and secure platform.

Challenges and Solutions:

One of the challenges we encountered was developing an intuitive user interface that provided a distraction-free writing experience while offering easy access to essential writing tools. To address this, we conducted extensive user research and implemented a minimalist design with customizable toolbars, allowing users to tailor the interface to their preferences and writing style.

Onboarding Screens

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Twgo App via Oreademiniyi

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twgo app via Oreademiniyi




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Twgo App is a project writing edu tech app. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to support students in successfully completing their academic assignments and projects. The app aims to provide students with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to excel in their project writing endeavors.

Key Features

  1. Writing Assistance: To help students improve their writing skills, the app offers writing assistance tools. These tools include grammar and spell checkers, style and formatting guidelines, and plagiarism detection to ensure academic integrity.
  2. Feedback and Revision: Users cab review submitted professionals’ work. Users can also chat live with writers, professors and professionals on teh app. Through the app, users can receive feedback and suggestions from their professors or assigned mentors. This feedback feature helps users refine their projects and make necessary revisions, enhancing the overall quality of their work.

  3. Increased Efficiency: The app streamlines the project writing process, making it easier for students to manage their assignments, conduct research, and improve their writing skills efficiently.
  4. Academic Support: The app offers comprehensive writing assistance and access to a vast research library, providing students with the necessary resources to excel in their projects and meet academic standards.
  5. Personalized Learning: With the app’s feedback and revision feature, students receive personalized guidance from their professors or mentors, helping them refine their work and achieve their academic goals.